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“We have had the reassurance of David’s defence...”

– J. and L. Toronto

David A. Brooker: Putting People First

Regardless of the area of litigation or the particulars of an individual case, the common denominator in David’s practice is a dedication to pursuing his clients’ best interests, coupled with a commitment to putting people first.

Over the course of almost 20 years, he has established a proven track record of providing sound advice, skilled representation, and, above all, obtaining successful results in the following areas:

Commercial Litigation Toronto

Business and commercial disputes can encompass a broad spectrum of legal issues – from contract interpretation or enforceability, to shareholder disputes, for example. David has a breadth and depth of experience in such matters and can provide expert assistance with negotiation, formal court processes or alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Real Estate Litigation

If you are experiencing legal problems related to real estate – whether it be a commercial lease, mortgage, construction lien, or any dispute involving property – David can assist you in a professional and experienced manner and help you achieve your desired outcome.

Estate Litigation

Conflicts concerning estates are particularly distressing for families and individuals during what is an already difficult time. David has represented clients in a variety of estate litigation matters and approaches such cases with the compassion and sensitivity they deserve. His years of experience in estate litigation help him to quickly identify and anticipate issues, and assist with their successful resolution.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is when two or more private parties are involved in court proceedings against each other, with one side, the Plaintiff or the Applicant, claiming something (usually, but not always or exclusively, money) from the other side, the Defendant or the Respondent.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency
In today’s volatile business climate, many corporations and individuals resort to declaring bankruptcy, often with disastrous effects upon creditors. If you find yourself in a situation where a debtor has gone bankrupt, the firm can assist you in maximizing the amount that you are able to receive under the appropriate bankruptcy laws.

Other Areas of Law
Thanks to an association with the firm of Steinberg Morton Hope & Israel, David is able to confidently offer referrals to other lawyers who are experienced and highly competent in those areas of law which he does not practice: these include family law, real estate transactions, corporate and commercial law, and intellectual property (trademarks and copyright).

Please feel free to contact David by email or telephone to inquire about a referral, or click on the link below to access the Steinberg Morton Hope & Israel website directly.