After maintaining a solid working relationship with David over the last years, I can honestly say he is outstanding! He has always provided an honest and unbiased viewpoint, ensuring my best interest is in mind. He is extremely well prepared, knowledgeable and respectful. David is the most ethical, dedicated and genuine lawyer I know and would highly recommend him to anyone!

- M., Toronto

We have had the reassurance of David’s defence. Our recommendation of Mr. Brooker is sincere. His experience, intelligence and investigative prowess would benefit any litigant fortunate enough to acquire his service.

- J. and L., Toronto

I have been a client for many years and I have found that I can trust the professionalism of Mr. Brooker.  He is an individual who I can voice my concerns and he will expedite the procedures necessary in an efficient manner and get the results for me I requested.

- D., Toronto

After retaining David Brooker, I found him to be a very positive and compassionate lawyer. He and his staff helped me get through quite a legal ordeal that did last some time. With his guidance and expertise, I finally reached my goal without having to go through the emotional court setting. My life has become both happy and rewarding thanks to his help. I will always be grateful.

- J., Richmond Hill, Ontario

Lawyers are a dime a dozen. Finding a good one, however, is like winning the lottery. David Brooker was a God-send. I remember being very stressed in having to first find a lawyer. When I sat in David's office explaining my very complicated, unusual situation to him, he sat very patiently and listened. He was confident, smart, and most importantly, compassionate. He made me feel very comfortable and I knew walking out of his office, I was in good hands. The litigation took over a year, and throughout the process, David kept me informed of what our strategy was and what our next steps would be. Never did I feel that I was just another case file of his. We won my case and was rewarded a handsome settlement. I have David to thank for that. David's integrity, ethics, intelligence, and respect for others, makes him stand out from other lawyers. I was lucky to have found him. And now, I am proud and confident when I refer him.

-N., Toronto